Méga Lâcher de Ballons

08.10.2021 08.10.2021
21:00 - 23:30
  • Free Heliumcore
  • musique libre amplifiée

The Swiss band “Mega Releasing Balloons” (demystified translation) plays such a totally improvised free punk for head bangers! The plastic bubbles are ready to explode on stage in powerful noises. Hail of guitar riffs, space keyboards or bass with toys, powerful drums and hard sax or synths produce a mix of dancing beats. Follow the balloons for a trip through the head of funny monsters.

After concerts like a northpole mini tour, many liveacts with the incredible FREAK SHOW team, the super opening for EMIR KUSTURICA & THE NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA, the aperitif gig for the Switzerland ambassade in Paris or the Christmas' PSYCHEDELIC DÉGLINGUE at SAS Delémont, MLDB still looks for chances to have fun on stage!