21:00:00 - 23:00:00
  • Tripping on a surreal ceremony with organic morphing minimal-beats

Michael Anklin and Janiv Oron are musicians and sound artists who are known for collaborating with various artists from different disciplines.
In addition to traditional concert activities, Anklin and Oron also experiment with sound installations for various environments and collaborate with dancers, choreographers, writers and visual artists.
In 2021, Oron and Anklin founded the label Sais Records.

For this Performance Anklin | Oron combines two diametrically different approaches to their music-making, their instruments are interconnected and form a kind of organism.
Acoustic objects are miked and their audio signal is processed live, alienated and further developed.
This processed material in turn influences the playing style that produced the source material.
The result is a meshwork, a system of feedback loops.
Electro-acoustic constructions shaping a palate of resonant sounds into abstract, narrative arrangements that evoke ritual atmospheres and purpose.

Janiv Oron - Buchla Easel and FX
Michael Anklin - Prepared Drums and Objects

Youtube: Anklin|Oron live at Landskron

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